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Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment

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Are you looking for a natural hemorrhoid treatment?  Let’s first learn more about hemorrhoids.  Many people are surprised to learn that hemorrhoids are actually a normal part of the human body. Hemorrhoids are anatomical vascular structures located inside your anal canal. These structures work to help with bowel function, stool elimination and fecal continence. When you strain, your hemorrhoids fill up with blood to help cushion the passage of stool.

The problem occurs when hemorrhoids become swollen beyond their limit. This can lead to persistent swelling and inflammation. The symptoms are usually the result of too much pressure on the hemorrhoids. For example, chronic constipation or labor during child birth can lead to excessive straining, and this can cause your hemorrhoids to remain swollen. This can also lead to the outer lining of the hemorrhoids to eventually break down and bleed.

There are actually two types of hemorrhoids: internal and external. Just as the names imply, the internal hemorrhoids are located deeper inside the intestines, and the external hemorrhoids are located more near the opening of the anus.

H-Releve® is a groundbreaking blend of conventional medical and alternative medical therapies formulated by The H Doctor, Dr. Eduardo Krajewski. Dr. Krajewski is a Board Certified Colon and Rectal Surgeon based in the Miami, Florida. He created a combination of unique products not available from any other source.

Focus is the key. Our products are made to focus on your specific problem. For immediate relief, we offer a pain relief cream, an anti-itch cream and a moisturizing cream. We also offer a dietary supplement to help improve your regularity and avoid hemorrhoid aggravating your hemorrhoids.

H-Releve products are completely safe, painless and have no side effects. Because our products contain natural ingredients, there are no irritating chemicals.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. If you are not completely satisfied within the first 60 days of use, return your purchase for your money back.

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Treatment Today for a Pain Free Tomorrow

Treatment Today for a Pain Free Tomorrow

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